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Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community:

Dr. John Lang | Raleigh NC internist

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 Nicole Matala - Dietitian Nutritionist Raleigh NC

Our Physicians in Raleigh. Your Partner in Health.

For our general practitioners and physicians, medicine isn’t just a career—it’s a way of life that affects the health of the entire community. It’s about compassionate, confidential, scientifically based and cost-effective care. It’s about a partnership with patients.

For the physicians at Raleigh Medical Group, it is also about making a difference in the world outside their offices. One of the founders of Raleigh Medical Group, Dr. William Dunlap, was the co-founder of Hospice of Wake County and still serves on their Board of Directors. Dr. Wells Edmundson serves as the medical director at Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community. From clinical research to mentoring medical students to providing multiple facets of patient care, each of our doctors in Raleigh has a story about how they chose a profession that was so much more than just a career.

Internists Keep You Healthy

Our physicians specialize in internal medicine, which focuses on treatment of a wide range of medical conditions that affect the whole body. Because they are often called upon to solve some of the most difficult medical puzzles, internists are sometimes called the “doctor’s doctor.”

Their wide variety of experience and extensive expertise means internists often act as consultants to help solve perplexing diagnostic problems, particularly situations where several different illnesses may occur at the same time. Each of our physicians has completed a training program at a well recognized medical institution and is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

 We invite you to learn more about the stories about our internists in Raleigh and Cary, North Carolina.

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