Dr. Brian Short

Dr. Short Internal Medicine Physician in Raleigh

"My job has allowed me to combine two interests - helping others and teaching. Part of my role is to educate patients so they can make the best decisions regarding their health. I wanted to establish long-term patient relationships and internal medicine allows me to do that. Patients put their trust in me to help them. That is the most rewarding aspect of my job."

"I am also an Associate Professor of Medicine at UNC, where I teach outpatient medicine to third-year medical students."

"I have always wanted to become a physician. In second grade, I had an assignment to draw what occupation I wanted to be when I grew up. I drew an “ambulance driver” and that picture is hanging in my office!"

"My favorite hobbies revolve around music. I play drums and tinker with the piano. I especially love to listen to rock and jazz, and my absolute favorite band is Rush. When I was younger, there were a few times when I dreamed of becoming a famous drummer - but I decided to keep that as a hobby."

"Raleigh is my hometown, and I love spending time with my family on weekends, and because my extended family is local, we get together often. My wife and I have one daughter, Caroline, who loves to go to the Marbles museum."

Interesting facts:

"I was a top swimmer in the state when I was twelve, representing North Carolina at the Regionals, competing against the top swimmers in the southeast. I “retired” at the tender age of thirteen, eventually becoming a part-time swim coach in high school and college."


Carolinas Medical Center, 2002-2005

Medical School

East Carolina University School of Medicine, 2002
Senior Class President

Undergraduate Education

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1995

Professional Associations

  • Diplomat American Board of Internal Medicine, 2005
  • American College of Physicians



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